Mike Epps and Friends starring . Thursday Feb 2 Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis

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    • Phyllis Spalding

      First I would like to say that I am the biggest Mike Epps fan and always support Mike whenever he is performing in Indianapolis. I always encourage my family and friend to attend his events whenever they have the opporunity and the “Mike Epps & Friends: Featuring Snoop Dogg and Whiz Khalifa” event on Thursday, February 2nd was no different. However, I must say the experience was very disappointing. I am all for supporting local acts and “up and coming” artist but I did not pay $154 ($77 per ticket) to see the hot mess that was presented last night. The production did not flow well and was not coordinated.

      I was especially disappointed that Mike did not come on the stage for the first time until 2 hours into the show. Then he was only on stage a short while before another local act came out, then Nick Cannon came on and by that time I was fearful I would have to suffer through yet another whack act. It was more than I could stand. Unfortunately I never saw Snoop and Whiz, because I was just not able to stand the whole production and was sure I would probably only see each for about 10 minutes.

      I know that Mike Epps shows are not normally so poorly presented, which what made the experience so disappointing. While I know there is no way I will ever be able to be compensated for the event, but I can say that I will never attend another “Mike Epps & Friends” event. I will have to enjoy his performance in movies where I can be sure of what I am getting.

      My recoomendation would be that for future concerts that promoters make it clear that “Mike Epps & Friends” is really friends. I would think into today’s economy that artist would appreciate that consumers could very easily support artist that put on a quality show.

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