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  1. What’s up!! Just saw u live last night in Richmond va!! Had a blast man show was funny ass hell!! Glad I did the meet and greet also!! U are one funny dude and the two others who opened up for u had me rolling. Ribs still hurt!! Drove two and 1/2 hours to see u so worth it tho thanks for the great show

  2. This is the 2nd time you have let Charlotte Down…Where is the respect? 2nd time wasting money on you, very inconsiderate…Now whats going to happen with the Charlotte Show? soooo many ppl are pissed about it!!!

  3. Mike WHat Happened With Charlotte March 14Th 2014 Bruh? how U Gon Cancel With No Headline About Why. hollA At Ya Fans mike

  4. Need to know when u will be in Los Angeles, Ca.

  5. I do not see Memphis or Southaven, MS on the tour list so far this year….but it doesn’t matter I will travel to closesy city to see you Mike! Like I did last year, I went to STL, after missing Memphis date…..I can’t wait to see you again!

  6. Please come back to the St.Louis Mike and please new jokes Lol

  7. I know u coming back to cleveland…..i was wondering when u was gone start your new tour. we tryin to hear them jokes man. last year was epic.

  8. Will the tour be in St. Louis, MO? If so, what date?
    Thank you so much!

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